PNW PLSE Workshop

Workshop on Programming Languages and Software Engineering
Research in the Pacific Northwest


The PNW PLSE workshop provides an opportunity for programming languages and software engineering researchers throughout the Pacific Northwest to meet, interact, and share work in progress as well as recent results. The meeting on May 14, 2018 at the Microsoft Research campus in Redmond, WA, will feature talks and demonstrations of current projects, provide opportunities to get feedback on exciting new projects, and generally foster connections that strengthen our vibrant research community in the region.

For 2018, we will hold the workshop on May 14 at MSR Building 99 in Redmond, WA.

Call for Participation

The workshop format will be driven by you, members of the community. Please submit abstracts for talks and posters as well as proposals for demonstrations. The organizers will work with the program committee to flesh out format details based on responses. We expect the final program to include research talks, experience reports, panel discussions, invited talks, and a poster session.

To foster open discussion of cutting edge research which can later be published in full conference proceedings, we will not publish papers from the workshop. However, for those inclined, presentations can be recorded and the videos made publicly available.

For submissions describing work in progress, we encourage concise abstracts of a couple paragraphs; for more polished results, PDFs of up to two pages are welcome. Please submit work you would like to share at:

Important Dates:

Organizing Committee

Program Committee

Draft Schedule

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Hotels and Travel Logistics

MSR Lecture Room 1919
Monday, May 14, 9am - 5pm

More details coming soon!

Previous Meetings

The first PNW PLSE workshop was held in Spring 2016. See the program, tweets and CSE News post from our inaugural meeting.