PNW PLSE Workshop

Workshop on Programming Languages and Software Engineering
Research in the Pacific Northwest


The PNW PLSE workshop provides an opportunity for programming languages and software engineering researchers throughout the Pacific Northwest to meet, interact, and share work in progress as well as recent results. The meeting on May 14, 2018 at the Microsoft Research campus in Redmond, WA, will feature talks and demonstrations of current projects, provide opportunities to get feedback on exciting new projects, and generally foster connections that strengthen our vibrant research community in the region.

For 2018, we will hold the workshop on May 14 at MSR Building 99 in Redmond, WA.

Call for Participation

The workshop format will be driven by you, members of the community. Please submit abstracts for talks and posters as well as proposals for demonstrations. The organizers will work with the program committee to flesh out format details based on responses. We expect the final program to include research talks, experience reports, panel discussions, invited talks, and a poster session.

To foster open discussion of cutting edge research which can later be published in full conference proceedings, we will not publish papers from the workshop. However, for those inclined, presentations can be recorded and the videos made publicly available.

For submissions describing work in progress, we encourage concise abstracts of a couple paragraphs; for more polished results, PDFs of up to two pages are welcome. Please submit work you would like to share at:

Important Dates:

Organizing Committee

Program Committee


Please register using the Google Form link provided below. If you have any questions or issues, please email the workshop admin Amanda Robles (
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Time Activity
8:30am Light Breakfast
9:00am Welcome and Introductions
9:15am Concerto: Towards a Framework for Combined Concrete and Abstract Interpretation John Toman and Dan Grossman
9:30am The Time for Proof Reuse is Now! Talia Ringer, Nathaniel Yazdani, John Leo, Dan Grossman
9:45am Puddle: An OS for Reliable High-Level Programming of Digital Microfluidic Devices Max Willsey, Luis Ceze, Karin Strauss
10:00am Inferring Likely Distributed System State Invariant Stewart Grant, Ivan Beschastnikh
10:15am Break
10:45am Helping Designers Explore the Space of Layout Variations with Constraints Amanda Swearngin, Andrew J. Ko, James Fogarty
11:00am Platform-Independent Migration of Stateful JavaScript IoT Applications Julien Gascon-Samson, Kumseok Jung, Karthik Pattabiraman
11:15am Compiling Distributed System Specifications into Implementations Matthew Do, Renato Mascarenhas, Brandon Zhang, Finn Hackett, Stewart Grant, Ivan Beschastnikh
11:30am What bugs and tests should we use in experiments? Michael D. Ernst
11:45am Verifying Web Pages Pavel Panchekha, Adam Geller, Michael D. Ernst, Shoaib Kamil, Zachary Tatlock
12:00pm Lunch
12:30pm Lunch Talk: Project Everest: Theory meets reality Jonathan Protzenko
1:00pm Break
1:15pm Featured Talks: Continuously Integrated Verified Cryptography Mike Dodds
1:30pm Helena: A web automation language for end users Sarah Chasins, Ras Bodik
1:45pm Sinking Point Bill Zorn, Dan Grossman
2:00pm Verified Extraction with Native Types Stuart Pernsteiner, Eric Mullen, James R. Wilcox, Zachary Tatlock, Dan Grossman
2:15pm Lightning Talk Session
2:30pm Poster Session
3:30pm Break
3:45pm Featured Talk: Why not both? Applications of variational programming Eric Walkingshaw
4:00pm Chapel Comes of Age: Productive Parallelism at Scale Brad Chamberlain
4:15pm Musical Ornaments John Leo
4:30pm Incrementalization with Data Structures Calvin Loncaric, Michael D. Ernst
4:45pm Wrap up and Close
5:00pm Group Dinner (self pay)

Poster Session

1 Cosette: An Automated Prover for SQL Shumo Chu, Alvin Cheung, Dan Suciu
2 Dependency Capture for Reproducible Builds Martin Kellogg
3 Sloth: Locating Sites for Repetitive Edits with Lazy Concrete Pattern Matching on Trees Remy Wang, Rashmi Mudduluru, Hadar Greinsmark
4 Time-Travel Diagnostics for Node.js/JavaScript Mark Marron
5 Synchronizing the asynchronous Thomas Henzinger, Bernhard Kragl, Shaz Qadeer
6 Experimental Design as Programs Eunice Jun, Jared Roesch, Sarah Chasins
7 Designing Compilers and Synthesis Tools for 3D Printing Chandrakana Nandi
8 Adaptive Program Ranking Chenglong Wang
9 A Formal Model of Polymorphism and Inference in Rust Joseph Eremondi, Ron Garcia
10 Relay: an IR for differentiable programming Jared Roesch, Tianqi Chen, Steven Lyubomirsky, Zachary Tatlock, Josh Pollock, Logan Weber
11 Automated Verification of Cryptographic Protocols James Bornholt, Ernie Cohen, K. Rustan M. Leino
12 Interactively Debugging Distributed Systems Doug Woos
13 Helping Designers Explore the Space of Layout Variations with Constraints Amanda Swearngin, Andrew J. Ko, James Fogarty

Hotels and Travel Logistics

MSR Lecture Room 1919
Monday, May 14, 9am - 5pm

Getting to PNW PLSE from UW
There are a few bus options for getting to MSR Building 99. These include the 540, 541 and 545. Most options require 15+ minutes of walking or a transfer from one bus to another. Average travel times for buses is 35-55 minutes. To catch the 545, you should walk to the Montlake Bus Stop.
Other options include, car services such as Lyft and Uber, as well as the 520 bike path. Carpooling is encouraged if you are coming from Seattle!

Hotel Options
Residence Inn Seattle Bellevue
Aloft Seattle Redmond
Courtyard Marriott Seattle Bellevue/Redmond
Fairfield Inn and Suites Seattle Bellevue/Redmond
Element Seattle Redmond

Previous Meetings

The first PNW PLSE workshop was held in Spring 2016. See the program, tweets and CSE News post from our inaugural meeting.